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CBD: Why isn't it working for me?

CBD: Why isn't it working for me?

Hmmm. You’ve been using CBD for quite some time now, and you think it isn’t doing anything for you. 

So, what gives?

Well, there could be several reasons why you’re not feeling the benefits. Some are obvious, while other reasons involve a little science. 

Let’s break down eight of the most common reasons you’re not seeing the success you hoped for from CBD.

1. How Good is the Quality of Your CBD?
Quality CBD starts on the farm with the farmer’s growing and manufacturer's processing practices. Every step is vital to ensure the product has the correct cannabinoid levels and is free of harmful contaminants or chemicals. And that’s why, we manage the entire process from seed to shelf!

But how do you know your CBD is good quality? 

To help protect consumers, CBD products must be tested and receive a Certificate of Analysis, which determines the product’s quality and ingredients. We go beyond the requirements with rigorous testing both in-house and by a third party to ensure quality. Plus, the test results are available for you to examine through a QR code on all our products and linked on all the product pages. 

Always look for the Certificate of Analysis on any CBD product you purchase and here’s how to read them.
2. Are All the Other Ingredients Good Quality?
Aside from CBD, what else is in your product? Does it have unnecessary fillers, artificial flavors, or any other added ingredients?

Like an apple pie…it starts with clean, fresh apples, which are good for you, but then once the sugar, butter, and crumble topping is added, it’s not really that good for you anymore. 

CBD is no different! And that’s why we carefully curate the ingredients found in our products and ensure that they’re grown, tested, and produced with the same level of care and quality as the hemp we grow and the CBD we produce. 
3. Does your CBD have the terpenes and flavonoids you need?
Now that you know that you don’t want filler or bad-quality ingredients watering down your product, you can look for what you DO want: additional cannabinoids (CBD is one of many!), terpenes, and flavonoids.

The right combination of these in a CBD product means that all the parts and pieces are there to work together and make a more well-rounded, potent product. 

Lower-end products often have only CBD, with little to no additional cannabinoids or terpenes. We take great care through the whole process to ensure that we retain all the “good” ingredients possible - and even add back in additional terpenes to some of our products!

4. Are You Using the Right Form of CBD?
Extracts, Gummies, Salves, Roll-Ons, Capsules…the list goes on and on! But it’s important to know why you’re using CBD, to help determine which product is right for your needs. 

If you have specific aches and pains that you can target, you’re more likely to feel the benefits of a topical CBD product, like a salve or lotion, than an ingestible product, like an extract or gummy. That’s because topical products apply the CBD directly to where you need it and those localized aches and pains (or even inflammation) can be relieved directly. However, if your pains are inconsistent, we often recommend using both a topical to target the outside and an extract to target from the inside.

If you have anxiety or trouble sleeping you may consider an extract or smokable CBD product. That’s because these types of products have a higher bioavailability than topicals and other ingestible like capsules. Extracts have high bioavailability because when you swish it around in your mouth, the CBD is absorbed through the tiny capillaries under the tongue and goes directly into the bloodstream.

The fastest way to deliver CBD to your bloodstream is through inhalation because CBD enters the body quickly when inhaled or smoked as it passes right through the lungs. 
5. Are You Using CBD Frequently Enough?
Think about the last time you took a vitamin. Did you feel the impact immediately? Likely, not! Just like any other pill, supplement, or vitamin you take, CBD should be taken daily to stimulate the endocannabinoid system

How frequently you need to take CBD to feel an impact is unique to every person. That’s why you will frequently hear us say, “Start Low and Go Slow!” This allows the CBD to build up in your system over time and gives you time to assess how you feel and increase or decrease the frequency as needed. 
6. Are You Using The Right CBD Dosage?
Everyone’s body interacts differently with CBD so what may work for someone you know, may not be the right dosage for you. And while most products provide a general dosing guide, it might not be the right amount for your body. 

And just like the frequency, this is part of the journey! It's always a good idea to start with low doses and slowly adjust slowly by either adding more or less. Weekly increases are a consistent way to make those changes and will help you figure out what works best for you. 

To help journal your dosing schedule and effects, check out the FREE Treadwell Farm CBDiary.
7. Has Your Body Built A CBD Tolerance?
Ok, there’s a little more science behind this one and it isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. So, we called in our friend, Jason Wilson, MS, from Natural Learning Enterprises, LLC, and author of Curious About Cannabis for help! 
Jason says there are a few reasons for CBD tolerance. First, ”cannabinoids actually accumulate in the body over time because they are fatty and like to cling to fatty tissues in the body.” 

And second is “CBD, as well as other cannabinoids, can have inhibiting effects on the liver which can slow down the body’s metabolism of cannabinoids and many other compounds. Because CBD inhibits liver enzymes, this can increase concentrations of cannabinoids and other compounds in the blood, and these compounds circulate in the blood for longer periods of time. Ultimately this means that although someone may maintain the same dose every day, the actual amount of CBD circulating in the blood can increase over time as the body continues to accumulate cannabinoids while also being less able to metabolize them over time."
8. Your Body Keeps Changing
One last point for you. Your body is going to continue to change. Maybe right now it's at the place where your endocannabinoid system is functioning as it normally should. Adding more CBD to your body won’t have any further effect at this point.

Or, maybe it’s a timing thing. You know, just because CBD isn’t working for you right now doesn’t mean you won’t be able to benefit from it at another time in your life.

We mentioned that there is some science to keep in mind when using CBD products. A lot of different factors can contribute to the experience you have with CBD products. This doesn’t mean you should give up trying to find the right balance. If anything, it means that you just have to take your time to find what does the trick and gives you the effects you are after. 

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