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CBD Topicals & Skincare

Looking for convenient, on-the-go support from CBD hemp topicals and skincare products?  CBD hemp topicals from Treadwell Farms may be an effective and convenient way to relieve minor discomforts and dry skin to help you move through your day—or rest easier at night. Made from high-quality, full-spectrum CBD from organic hemp plants to achieve maximum results, our topicals are the perfect choice for targeted, quick relief!

How Does Topical CBD Work?

Every animal, humans included, has an endocannabinoid system (ECS). Your ECS has receptors throughout your entire body. You have receptors in your brain, glands, connective tissues, immune cells, and organs. Your skin is the largest organ on your body. When you use CBD topicals, they penetrate through a few layers of your skin and activate the cannabinoid receptors found there.

What Are Topical CBD Hemp Products?

CBD hemp topicals and skincare products are skincare products infused with CBD hemp oil extract and used to ease everyday discomforts.They may help to alleviate muscle soreness, stiff joints, headaches, and even workout preparation and recovery. Topical products are crafted to be applied directly onto your skin for quick absorption and targeted, fast relief. CBD Topicals and Skincare Products can come in many forms such as CBD hemp massage oils, creams, salves, lotions, and roll-ons.

What Is In Our CBD Hemp Topical Products?

At Treadwell Farms, we believe in only using natural, organic, high-quality ingredients in our products. The CBD hemp oil used in our topical skincare products is quadruple tested—at harvest, upon extraction, after manufacture, and upon bottling—to guarantee its quality and potency.

In addition to the hemp extract, to craft our topical skincare products we also use shea butters, carrier oils, botanicals, herbs, and essential oils that are all safe and sustainably sourced. The essential oils, herbs, and botanicals offer physical therapeutics (such as cayenne for warming sore muscles or arnica flowers for their anti-inflammatory properties) as well as aromatherapy. We choose our blends carefully to create pleasing scents that you will enjoy even if you don’t need to use the product therapeutically!

Who Should Use Topical CBD Hemp Skincare Products?

If you are seeking targeted relief for sore muscles, stiff joints, dry skin, headaches, and other similar common discomforts, our entire line of CBD Topicals and Skincare Products may be a good choice for you.

Try our warming and cooling CBD Hemp Salves if you’re looking for products that may provide relief from joint stiffness, aches, and pains.

Our CBD Hemp Body Oil and Hydro Lotion may help your muscles relax and are also excellent for nourishing dry skin thanks to the moisture-rich ingredients that we use.

And our roll-ons are a convenient way for anybody to get the benefits of CBD and/or aromatherapy while on the go.

How Do You Apply Topical CBD Hemp Products?

Topical CBD hemp lotions, salves, and oils are applied directly to your skin. Our topical products also moisturize your skin while the CBD and other botanical ingredients are absorbed and penetrate deep to help relieve your discomforts.

CBD hemp topicals work best and are more quickly absorbed if the skin where you apply them has been cleaned and dried before application. They should be applied directly on the skin in the area where you need relief in a gentle, circular motion.

When using our CBD hemp massage oil, salves, or lotion, massage into your skin until fully absorbed. For our roll-ons, you can control the amount of product with pressure: lighter pressure for a small application of liquid, firm pressure for a larger application.

Topicals can be reapplied as needed for the best results.

Topical products should only be used externally and should not be applied to wounds or cuts on your skin.

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