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Welcome to Treadwell Farms

Welcome to Treadwell Farms

We’re committed to teaching local farmers and future farmers how
to successfully grow high-quality hemp. The goal? To help them and the people around them live their best lives.

We’ve been farming in Florida for more than 100 years, starting in the Panhandle and moving down into Central Florida. We started in the foliage and tropical plant business and have been known to tend citrus groves and a peach orchard or two. You could say that this is not a passing interest for us. And you’d be right. Those agricultural roots and our own health journeys led us to create and curate natural, healthful and helpful small-batch, artisanal hemp products that are trusted and tested with our community in mind.

It took a bit of time. We traveled throughout the western United States and even to Israel to understand more about hemp farming. We immersed ourselves to help us understand how a family with a farming background from Florida could successfully transition into the medical cannabis and then later, the hemp space. We’ve learned that while what we farm may change, our agricultural tradition, passion, and experience remains steadfast.

Our Values

Be humble.

Lead by example.

Be authentic.

Earn trust.

No hype. Just hemp.

We’re committed to supporting our larger community of customers and friends by producing the best possible hemp-based products.


Sustainability experts wonder if it’s really not much of a stretch to call hemp a wonder crop. Considering all of its uses (clothing, food and beverage, paper, insulation, fuel, CBD hemp oil, and more) we don’t think it’s a stretch at all. The power of hemp can be seen in its anti-inflammatory and pain management properties. It’s also an excellent source of nutrition, containing minerals and vitamins, protein, antioxidants and healthy fats. It might not be the eighth wonder of the world, but it’s a wonderfully diverse and unique little plant.


We’re very proud to be a Florida company. We support our local community every chance we get. But it goes beyond that, too. We’ll always support our larger community of customers and friends by producing the best possible hemp-based products.

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