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CBD Oils & Extracts

CBD Hemp Oils and Extracts are here to help you get through the day—and the night. Carefully formulated to provide you with maximum benefits from the amazing hemp plant, CBD Hemp Oils, and Extracts from Treadwell Farms may provide a wide array of advantages. From sleep and immune support to stress, aches and pains, and so much more, these powerhouse tinctures may be effective multi-taskers and each includes a doseable dropper.

What Are CBD Hemp Oils And Extracts?

CBD Hemp Oils and Extracts, also known as tinctures, are a refined concentrate of multiple parts of the hemp plant: leaves, flowers, and stems. The highest quality oils are made from the flowers, while lower quality oils often use the whole plant - including the leaves and stems. Hemp seeds (used to make hemp seed oil) are not used in our CBD tinctures, as they do not contain beneficial cannabinoids (CBD). 

The hemp plant extract used to make a tincture includes cannabinoids, terpenes, plant sterols, fatty acids, flavonoids, and essential vitamins and nutrients. During the refining process, the extract can be modified to only contain certain compounds from the plant. For example, they can be refined to remove, or contain less, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), plant sterols and fatty acids, or to include certain cannabinoids, such as CBDA, to enhance their specific benefits. 

Benefits Of CBD Hemp Oils And Extracts

Cannabinoids may support many functions of the body and mind. Our bodies have a unique and comprehensive physiological system called the endocannabinoid system that has receptors located throughout your body—including your brain, organs, glands, connective tissues, skin and immune cells. Among the most prominent potential benefits of CBD oil are:

How Do You Use CBD Hemp Oils And Extracts? 

If you’re new to CBD Hemp Oil tinctures, you might be wondering how to use hemp oil in your day to day routine. Fortunately, using CBD Hemp Oils and Extracts is incredibly easy and convenient! We make it as simple as possible to use our specially blended tinctures throughout your day. All of our CBD Hemp Extract tincture droppers come with .25mL, .50mL, .75mL, and 1mL measurements to help manage your dosage intake. 

Tinctures are taken orally (swallowed) or sublingually (placed and absorbed under the tongue). Sublingual is believed to facilitate a faster onset of CBD – and other cannabinoid – benefits. This can be a great way to take your bedtime CBD, which may help you find your restful state more quickly. 

Prefer to add your CBD tincture to something you already enjoy in your daily routine? Adding tinctures into your daily routine can be as easy as placing the drops into your morning coffee or evening teas.

How Much CBD Should You Take?

There is no standard recommendation for hemp oil dosing guidelines and it is well-tolerated in humans. We recommend that you keep a journal as you introduce tinctures into your daily routine. Use it to guide your path to find the very best dosages to receive the benefits you are seeking. Consider starting with a 1/4 dropper (25mL or 10mg dose) and move up or down from there as you see fit. We suggest you start low and go slow. We even developed a  CBDiary to begin your CBD journey. 

How To Choose A CBD Hemp Oil Product

When you are shopping for a CBD hemp oil product, there are a few things to look for. 

Know How It’s Grown

You want to make sure that you know what your CBD oil is derived from. You do not want CBD oil that comes from plants treated with toxic pesticides or other harmful chemicals. 

Your CBD oil should be third-party tested by an independent lab. This should be done to determine the potency and purity of the CBD, and to be sure that the product is free from contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, microbials, mycotoxins or other foreign matter.

Our practices, manufacturing, and other ingredients create an end product that is non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Kosher, and has potential allergen indicators on all our products.

Avoid extraction methods that can leave behind harmful solvent residues (ex. using butane or hexane).

Treadwell Farms proudly meets all of these guidelines! We are committed to providing our customers with only the most high-quality and all natural CBD oil products so that you can feel 100% safe using them every day. Our products will have a batch number and expiration date that is verified and tested. 


Something that distinguishes Treadwell Farms from the rest is that we slow dry and cure our hemp in order to preserve as much of the terpenes and other "good" components as possible. 

Hemp at Treadwell Farms is also steam distilled. Steam distillation retains additional terpenes that would normally be lost in the typical drying process.  We then add those steam distilled "terps'' back into our oils and/or products to get the right balance of ingredients, terpenes, and benefits.

What Is The Best CBD Oil For You? 

Great news! You can target more specific needs with CBD tinctures that have added botanicals and essential oils that may deliver more concentrated efforts for sleep, pain relief, emotional support, etc. Or, you can use an Everyday CBD Blend that may support the functions of your overall endocannabinoid system. 

Looking for a high-quality CBD Hemp Oil Extract with natural ingredients? Buy Now!

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