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Just Launched Limited Time Only Bath Bombs Just Launched Limited Time Only Bath Bombs

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From farm to tub... Bath Bombs are Here!

From farm to tub... Bath Bombs are Here!
From Farm to Tub... Bath Bombs are Here! Whether you’ve had a stressful day at work, achy/sore muscles after a successful gym sesh or maybe you just need a little extra TLC, our bath bombs were created with you in mind. Just drop in, and hop in! Continue reading

CBD Rose Lemonade Cocktail

CBD Rose Lemonade Cocktail
This classy CBD Rose Lemonade cocktail is PERFECT for your Galentine’s night in with the girls. Inspired by a beverage we came across on Pinterest called “Fentimans Rose Lemonade.” And the flower petal ice cubes will make your regular or “virgin version” feel just as special.  Continue reading

Citrus CBD Bath Salt Soak

Citrus CBD Bath Salt Soak
This super simple CBD Bath Salt recipe is the perfect "Fresh Start" to continue into the New Year. With minimal ingredients you'll be feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated in no time! Continue reading

2020 End of the Year Wrap Up

2020 End of the Year Wrap Up
Treadwell Farms remains focused on the hope that the hemp industry can positively impact Florida farms and families and committed to producing high quality, affordable products for our community.  Continue reading

Cannabis Topicals: More Than Skin Deep Benefits?


Cannabis topicals are becoming increasingly popular in the industry. Many people like to use the plant by applying it to aches, pains, and skin issues. More consumers are gravitating to external ways to take cannabis medicine and some find great benefit with using them as needed. Topicals can also be applied while taking cannabis internally to combat overall inflammation and treat a condition both locally and systemically. 

Continue reading
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