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5 Ways to Get Through the Holidays with CBD

5 Ways to Get Through the Holidays with CBD

All is calm. All is bright. With CBD for the Holidays.

There is no doubt that the holidays are a special time of the year all around the world. Celebrations with friends and family are really what this gift-giving season is all about.

For some, this time of the year is also mentally and physically exhausting. Reduce stress during the holidays with these tips to help keep calm all around you and experience all the joy that comes with this time of year. Below are five ways to get through the holidays with CBD.

Eat Well

Nothing screams the holidays more than good eats. And it is OK to enjoy those meals that only come around this time of the year. Don’t stress about indulging. But do ensure that you’re balancing those yummy treats with those food groups that fuel your body with energy-packed nutrients like vegetables, fruits, and proteins.

CBD TIP: Try a fresh approach to your holiday favorites by incorporating your favorite tincture in it. And if you just want to try something new altogether, check out some of our favorite recipes. Our recommendation is Glen’s Favorite Cookie - with a CBD Twist!

Stay Active

And we don’t mean running around the toy store or weaving through the grocery store aisles grabbing those last-minute items on your shopping list! We mean the kind of activity that produces endorphins, which in turn makes you joyous. Plus, exercising helps relieve stress and maintain focus.

CBD TIP: Try any of our topicals pre and post-workout on those areas that tend to get sore or you plan on really working out. Help your muscles and joints recover faster and minimize inflammation.

Take Your Vitamins

Now that things are getting back to normal and more and more gatherings are occurring, germs are also spreading. Continue to support your immune system with those vitamins and supplements you regularly take. If you’re traveling don’t forget to pack them with you.

CBD TIP: Our Citrus-C Gummies are packed with immune-supporting vitamins like vitamin C and Zinc. Plus these gummies are an easy and convenient way to travel with your CBD.

Maintain Focus

Are your mental notes piling up? Get them out of your head and onto paper. Take a few minutes to write them all down, freeing up mental space to stay focused.

CBD TIP: The citrus and cinnamon flavors in our Citrus Spice Tincture and scents in our Revive CBD Hemp Roll-On help awaken the senses.

Sleep Deeply

Getting a full 7-9 hours of sleep is difficult any time of the year, and even more now with so much to do. However, ensuring you rest and recharge to tackle the upcoming to-do or festivities is even more important. Having a good night’s rest allows you to be your best and bring your best to those around you.

CBD TIP: If you have trouble falling asleep try the Evening Blend Extract 30-60 minutes before your bedtime. If you’re one of those who falls right asleep once your head hits the pillow, but twist and turn all night, try the Evening Blend Extract right before you go to bed.

This time of the year is meant for joy. And if you’re not feeling joyful, remember it is OK to prioritize you with an extra-long soak in the tub with a CBD bath bomb or an extra few rolls of the Restore CBD Hemp Roll-On to feel relaxed. And if the holiday stress is still too much, ask for and seek the help you need.

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