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Does CBD help with holiday stress?

Does CBD help with holiday stress?

Just like that, the holidays are upon us again. For most of us, this is a cheerful time of the year full of celebrations and quality time with loved ones, however, for some this time of year may bring elevated feelings of stress and exhaustion.

So, does CBD help with holiday stress? Yes, it does! CBD has been reported to help improve stress levels by managing cortisol levels, the primary stress hormone. CBD has also been linked to helping promote healthy sleep patterns and improving overall rest and relaxation.

Feelings of stress and low energy levels are struggles we all face from time to time and with an endless holiday to-do list being kind to yourself is more important than ever. So, whether you are someone who battles with chronic stress or just looking to help manage stress during the holidays, CBD may be your answer.


Being rested and recharged is key in tackling the upcoming to-do list and feeling energized for the holiday festivities. To ensure you are at your best getting an optimal amount of sleep is the most important part. 7-9 hours of sleep is not always easy to obtain, especially if you struggle with insomnia or staying asleep. 

Treadwell Tip: If you have trouble falling asleep try the Evening Blend CBD Hemp Extract 30-60 minutes before your bedtime. If you’re one of those who falls right asleep once your head hits the pillow, but twist and turn all night, try the Evening Blend Extract right before you go to bed.

Digestive Health

CBD may help improve digestive health for some users because of its positive effect on the endocannabinoid system. When it comes to the holidays, food is always the main attraction, and indulging in your favorite treats is one of the best parts of the season. This can lead to your insides needing some extra help, especially if you already struggle with gut health issues. 

Treadwell Tip: Incorporate CBD into your daily routine by ingesting it directly. Try the Essential Blend CBD Hemp Extract 

Strong Immune 

When stress levels are high, and we’re burning the candle at both ends, our bodies can have a difficult time keeping our immune system strong. This impacts both our health and mood - as well our ability to get through our to-do lists, parties, and more. Ensuring that you’re focused and ready to tackle anything starts with giving your body a boost of vitamins and aromatherapy. 

Treadwell Tip: Try the Citrus-C CBD Gummies, which pack both vitamin-C and zinc to help keep your immune strong. Apply the REVIVE CBD Hemp Roll-On directly on your skin or temples for a fresh, vibrant aroma, and uplifting properties to help kick your mood up a notch! 

This time of the year is meant for joy. If you’re not feeling joyful, remember it is OK to prioritize you with some self-care. And if the holiday stress is still too much, ask for and seek the help you need.

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