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REVIVE CBD Body Oil Roll-On


For relief that’s spot-on.

Wake up and smell the citrus. A full-spectrum CBD roll-on that provides a convenient way to help target pain, relieve sore muscles and uplift your mood, with Florida-fresh CBD and aromatherapeutic botanicals.

Ingredients: MCT Oil (Coconut Oil), Sweet Almond Oil, 300mg Full Spectrum TF CBD Hemp Extract, Frankincense, Orange, Vitamin E, and Cinnamon Leaf.

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Citrus Spice-inspired REVIVE contains a beneficial organic essential oil blend which includes:

Frankincense - helps build and maintain a healthy immune system, assists with emotional balance, and rejuvenates skin.

Orange - high in antioxidants, supports joint health, and is also uplifting, to both mind and body.

Cinnamon Leaf- Warming, and known for its restorative properties, promotes circulation, alleviates sore and stiff muscles and joints, and supports the immune system.

Each of our essential oil blends is paired with our powerful artisanally crafted CBD Hemp Extract oil formula. This high potency oil hydrates and nourishes the skin simultaneously.

Why CBD Hemp Roll-Ons?
When it comes to aching joints, sore or tight muscles, and headaches, you need relief applied directly to those spots to revive, relieve and restore. Did we mention the mood-enhancing properties of these aromatic, multi-benefit roll-ons of goodness? Each roll-on has been purposefully crafted with a special blend of essential oils providing the aromatherapy benefits you are looking for. Our family of CBD roll-ons can be applied directly where you need it most, plus they provide aromatherapy benefits when applied to temples, wrists, behind the ears, temples or the bottom of the feet.

Inspired by our Citrus Spice, Cooling Mint, and Evening Blend products, the carefully selected natural ingredients in our roll-ons are safe and sustainably sourced - each chosen with purposeful intent.

*All roll-on products contain organic virgin sweet almond oil, organic MCT oil, hemp extract and Vitamin E.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sleeping beauty
It’s like a lullaby…

This product sings me a lullaby to sleep every night. I use this on my temples and wrists every night when I go to bed. The smell is subtle, but enough to relax me into a deep sleep. When my kids are having a hard time falling asleep, they even use it.

Judith Malek Evans
Love it!

I've been rolling this product on the bottom of my feet just before I go to bed, and I've been sleeping SO well that I'm thinking of ordering another roll on for daytime peace.

We are so glad that you are loving the Restore Roll-On! You should definitely give our other Roll-Ons a try - many people love the Relief Roll-On with it's minty uplifting smell as a pick-me-up during the day, or the Revive Roll-On with its citrus scent that many people use for a mood booster or for a little 'wake up' during the day. Thanks so much for your review!!!

Pain relief

I love this product. I use this on my neck it really helps my sore muscles.

Brooke Grimes
Roll(on) With the Flow

I love these little roll-ons because when you want to apply on a small area, it's easy to do.
I'm always bumping into something it seems, so I can grab one of these & get it right on the bruise that eventually appears!
It smells nice too, & isnt greasy or messy.
You'll be happy with any of the products that Treaswell Farms puts out!

Thank you for reviewing. We're so glad that you're enjoying the roll-ons!


I've been using the Restore Roll-On every night for the last 30 days and I have been sleeping wonderfully. I use it on my wrists just before bedtime. The aromas of the lavender and cedarwood are very calming. Definitely, a must-buy!

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