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RESTORE CBD Body Oil Roll-On


For relief that's spot-on.

A full-spectrum CBD roll-on, that combines aromatherapuetic botanicals, to help support sleep and deep rest.

Ingredients: MCT Oil (Coconut Oil), Sweet Almond Oil, 300mg Full Spectrum TF CBD Hemp Extract, Lavender, Frankincense, Orange, Atlas Cedarwood, and Vitamin E. 

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Lavender – provides a calming and relaxing effect, soothes occasional skin irritations and minor burns, helps skin recover quickly, eases muscle tension in the head and neck, promotes emotional balance, helps balance and normalize body function and emotion, can help relieve insomnia, and reduces skin inflammation.

Orange - high in antioxidants, orange is especially beneficial for arthritis but is also uplifting, to both mind and body.

Frankincense - helps build and maintain a healthy immune system, assists with emotional balance, and rejuvenates skin.

Cedarwood – instills courage and confidence (which may explain why it’s a favorite in Men’s skin and hair products) promotes clear healthy skin, evokes feelings of wellness, supports a healthy respiratory system, and is known for fortifying and calming effects.

Our essential oil blend is paired with our powerful artisanally crafted CBD Hemp Extract oil formula. This high potency oil hydrates and nourishes the skin simultaneously.

Why CBD Hemp Roll-Ons?                                                                                   

When it comes to aching joints, sore or tight muscles, and headaches, you need relief applied directly to those spots to revive, relieve and restore. Did we mention the mood-enhancing properties of these aromatic, multi-benefit roll-ons of goodness? Each roll-on has been purposefully crafted with a special blend of essential oils providing the aromatherapy benefits you are looking for. Our family of CBD roll-ons can be applied directly where you need it most, plus they provide aromatherapy benefits when applied to temples, wrists, behind the ears, temples, or the bottom of the feet.

Inspired by our Citrus Spice, Cooling Mint, and Evening Blend products, the carefully selected natural ingredients in our roll-ons are safe and sustainably sourced - each chosen with purposeful intent.

*All roll-on products contain organic virgin sweet almond oil, organic MCT oil, hemp extract and Vitamin E.

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