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Our Services

Our Services

About Our Farm

Cultivating community.    Cultivating hope.

A blend of agriculture and science


 We bring a farmer’s sensibility to the table, using our agricultural experience to blend and balance with the science of it all. We work side-by-side with bright minds who bring a variety of skills and experiences from the farming, medical, food, and science professions.Treadwell Farms combines agricultural expertise with science in creating and curating artisanally crafted, high potency CBD hemp oil & hemp products. We are porud to share our knowledge and services with our community to support others in creating high-quality hemp products.

Our Values

When we launched Treadwell Farms in 2019, Florida’s Hemp program was brand new.
It was important to us that our business shared the same values that our family holds important.

Be humble.

Lead by example.

Be authentic.

Earn trust.

Our Services

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Growing Hemp

What We Do
We know it because we grow it. We proudly grow our own hemp, and support local farmers to do the same. Rooted deeply in agriculture, we are passionate about carefully cultivating our hemp plants, and love to help others do the same.

Services We Offer
Rooted Cuttings. Drip Tape, Plastic, Liners, and advice on how to be successful.

Check out our Agriculture Page for more details,  email

Bulk Flower

What we do
From hand harvesting to slow-drying and curing, our practices ensure that all the best parts of the plant - including minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids etc. Bulk Flower grown at Treadwell Farms qualifies for the “Fresh from Florida” designation - letting you know that we handle our plants with care from seed to bottle. Whether you are looking for input for extracts or need a reliable source of Hemp flower we can help.

Services We Offer
Biomass and various grades of CBD and CBG flower to fit your needs, Flower by the Pound, Prerolls and Packaged Flower.

Email for current availability and pricing.

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What We Do
Our registered state of the art facility is now accepting extraction orders
with very doable minimums for craft farmers at a minimum of 300 lbs. Oavinoids and so much more are preserved. Because we grow and source our Hemp from Florida we feature the “Florida Hemp Farm” brand and proudly display the “Fresh from Florida” seal.Our cryo-ethanol extraction process is optimized to take advantage of lower temperatures and special filtration steps to produce a clean extract we call “TF Extract” that can easily be refined further to your specification. 

Services We Offer
Extraction of bulk flower (300lb. minimum). Bulk ingredients including: Distillate, Isolate, Terpenes and Hemp Hydroso. Extraction Services include Toll Extraction, Testing Facilitation (third party external) and Testing Services (In-house R&D). 

Email for more information.


What We Do
We create all of our products in-house. Working with a formulator we carefully craft our products to include high-quality ingredients with no extra “fillers”. We currently manufacture tinctures, a variety of topicals, and edibles in a registered Hemp Food Establishment registered with FDACS.

Services We Offer
White labeling of our formulations, or we can work with you to manufacture your own product - from formulation to finished product. Custom formulation services can include Pilot Batches, Novel Products, Organic Ingredients and Scale Up. White Label and Contract Manufacturing can include Product Assembly, Bottling/Packaging, Labeling, Fulfillment. 

Email more information.

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Treadwell Farms Products.png__PID:b59c31e0-9b51-4edc-a9cc-dc3421b9880a


What We Do
We proudly sell our products to select retailers from health food stores to grocery stores, and even spas and healthcare offices. With an evergrowing catalog of CBD products, we work closely with our Wholesale partners to ensure their success in sharing our products with their customers.

Services We Offer
Our full line of CBD products as well as support materials to help train your staff.

Email for more information.

Live Well With Treadwell Farms!

“We’re very proud to be a Florida company.
We support our local community every chance we get. But it goes beyond that, too.
We'll always support our larger community of customers and friends by producing the best possible hemp-based products.”

-Jammie Treadwell

Our Family Would Love to Meet You.


190 Mary St, Umatilla, FL 32784


Monday - Thursday: 8 AM - 4:30 PM
Friday: 8 AM - 3 PM
Saturday & Sunday: Closed


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