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RELIEF CBD Hydro Lotion

RELIEF CBD Hydro Lotion

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Hydrate your skin, nourish your body.

Has your belief in getting relief faded? We get it. Living with sore joints and tight muscles is tiring. That’s why this lotion is for you.

Now more hydrating and therapeutic than ever! How can that be? It's all thanks to hydrosol.

Never heard of it? If you’ve ever heard of floral water (think rose water) then you’re already familiar! Our hydrosol comes from our plants - our very own hemp floral water!

What does this mean for you? Adding hydrosol into our lotion allows it to absorb into the skin better, allowing all the other ingredients (including CBD, terpenes, and more) to absorb into your skin more effectively. You can learn more about how we extract our hydrosol and more about its benefits HERE.

Inspired by our Cooling Mint Blend, RELIEF contains beneficial and healthful ingredients that include:

600mg Full-spectrum CBD Hemp Extract is rich in naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. This high-potency oil hydrates and nourishes the skin simultaneously.

Hemp Hydrosol: floral water steam distilled from the hemp plant that boosts hydration and absorption of the lotion. Has been known to have a therapeutic skin-cooling effect, as well as supporting the body in soothing inflammation from things like rashes, bug bites, etc. Want to learn more about Steam Distillation? You can read more HERE about the process.

Rosemary soothes sore muscles and joints and helps reduce nervous tension and fatigue.

Peppermint has stimulating properties that promote healthy respiratory function; support digestive, muscle, bones, respiratory, nervous, and skin systems; help reduce mental fatigue; stimulate circulation and calm nerves; promote clarity and alertness. And if that weren’t enough, Peppermint also helps reduce swelling.

Spearmint is known for being a mood lifter, promotes focus and digestion, and supports emotional balance.

Aloe Leaf Juice - is an emollient and moisturizer ideal for soothing irritated or solar-exposed skin.

Shea Butter - contains vitamins and fatty acids that nourish dry skin.

Like our RELIEF CBD Hydro Lotion? Try our Cooling Mint Salve for a more targeted method of application, with a similar scent. Want to try something more warming? Try our Warming Blend Salve. Love spearmint? Check out our 1500mg CBDA Hemp Extract.

Our RELIEF CBD Hydro Body Lotion is part of our topical line of products. To learn more about CBD topicals and how they support the body, check out this blog post: Cannabis Topicals: More Than Skin Deep Benefits?


CLICK HERE for a complete library of test results.

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