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Treadwell Farms Honors Vets. Meet Troy.

Treadwell Farms Honors Vets. Meet Troy.

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of meeting Troy at an event honoring our US veterans.

He stopped to check out our products and share his experience in using CBD. Turns out, Troy was also the winner of the Veterans Day giveaway so we had the opportunity to learn a little more about him.

Troy was born in Florida and for as along as he could remember he wanted to serve in the United State Military. He knew from a very young age that he wanted to serve because he wanted to be just like his hero – his father, who also served and retired as a US Army Sergeant.

In fact, at 11 year’s old Troy joined the Air Force Civil Air Patrol. He spent the next 7 years in civil patrol - until he was old enough to enlist. As soon as Troy turned 18, he joined the US Navy in 1987 and then later went on to serve in the US Army. During his service, he focused on maintaining the fuel and safety of aircraft and firefighting.

Troy recounted so many amazing stories about seeing the world during his service, traveling everywhere from Paris to Egypt and even saw Jon Bon Jovi in Rome. However, his most proud memory was during Operation  Desert Shield and first hand experiencing real threats against our military and being able to protect and serve the country.

Today, he is a Fire Extinguisher Inspector throughout Florida, continuing to ensure our safety. From his years of service and career now, Tory experiences a lot of pain in his hands, knuckles, and joints. For him, "CBD works every time [in providing relief], which was much better than any other solution.”

Troy said when he first tried the Warming Blend Topical CBD Hemp Salve, within a few minutes, the pain in his knuckles was gone.

Because of his own experience, he thought it was important for other veterans to know: "CBDs are used by a lot of vets out there, and they work. Many things may be controllable, naturally. You're not stuck!"

Thank you, Troy for serving our country and providing hope to all veterans who, like you, have given so much for us!

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