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Cultivating Community: Introducing The Green Life’s After Sun Oil with CBD + Aloe

Cultivating Community: Introducing The Green Life’s After Sun Oil with CBD + Aloe

The Green Life

The Green Life is not just a brand.  It’s an adventure, an experience - a way of living. It’s for those who want to spend more time outdoors than in, soaking up the wisdom of the trees, the breath of the ocean, and the strength of the mountains. With the sun as the backdrop, quiet, magic moments of inner reflection, or robust, echoing laughter with friends that teach you, guide you, and help you find wholeness. Nature provides everything we need to be and heal - The Green Life honors & embodies that, providing the highest quality, organic, plant-based products to complement your quest.


How It Started

My journey creating The Green Life has been windy & transformative. Its very beginning stretches back to 2010 when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.  A prescription of dangerous pharmaceuticals led me to seek out natural alternatives, with cannabis quickly topping the list and eventually putting me into remission. In 2019, I started Florida Marijuana Mentor, an online platform where I educate about all facets of marijuana with the goal of people feeling more comfortable exploring the plant and how it may heal them. From the endocannabinoid system, to how to make your own cannabutter, the website, and Instagram include facts, studies & nuances that changed my mind about consuming cannabis for health & recreational purposes.  

As Florida Marijuana Mentor grew, so did I. My Crohn’s was in remission and I was no longer in survival mode. My disease didn’t dictate my life. I began to play, explore and experiment confidently for the first time as my body healed and my soul worked to catch up. This included introducing additional plant medicine and spending a lot of time outdoors. Long days at one of Florida’s many beaches, challenging hikes, pensive walks for miles around my neighborhood – all I wanted was fresh air and the beauty of Mother Nature, using her tools to guide me, teach me, and feel immense gratitude. It was then I realized that nature was becoming integrated into every aspect of my life, providing such richness so simply. The Green Life became a sparkle in my eye. 


Creating an After Sun Oil 

After one particularly warm summer day spent contemplatively floating in the pool, I got quite the sunburn. It had been a minute since I felt that kind of sizzle, so I ran out to my local drugstore to find relief.  Sadly the only product on the shelf was neon green “aloe” gel full of chemicals and dyes made by a fruit-turned-boat. I could make something better, closer to the earth, and way more effective. Knowing the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, I ran home, grabbed a stalk of my aloe plant, popped open my Treadwell Farm’s Essential Blend CBD tincture, and got to mixing.   

My first very thrown-together “batch” of the oil was goopy but soothing; the redness & sting was gone by morning. That was the first rendition of the first product of The Green Life. Being a native Florida girl who is always outside, of course it was an after-sun oil. Over the next few weeks, I infused flowers into the oil as well for additional benefits (and because you can never have enough flowers). 


Why Treadwell Farms?

The main ingredient of this oil is organic, full spectrum, whole plant CBD from Treadwell Farms.  When I was ready to seriously produce my after-sun oil for more than just friends, there was no question I’d partner with Treadwell Farms. Not only do they have the best quality and most effective CBD I’ve tried, they are also from Florida and family-owned, operating with integrity and respect for the plant, processes, and people who use their products. They do it right, and upholding those same standards for my product was non-negotiable.  


After Sun Oil with CBD+Aloe is Born

When a quality CBD is applied topically, it may help ignite healing and anti-inflammatory properties, reducing pain, redness, irritation, swelling, and itching.  Married with the CBD extract is golden aloe oil. Like CBD, aloe works at the cellular level. Nourishing and relieving toxins on a deep level, aloe is also rich in vitamins A, C, E, and B, and is anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial. Finally, swirling with the CBD and Aloe is almond oil hand infused with organic flowers of calendula, lavender, and chamomile. Each flower with its own holistic properties that support the body to neutralize free radicals, protect skin from environmental damage, and promote quicker regeneration of skin cells and healing.  


After Sun for Sun, Hair, and Self-Care

The primary purpose of the oil is to be used after a day in the sun when your skin tingles from the rays. However, I also use it as a daily CBD moisturizer, and facial moisturizer and it can also be used as a hair mask. It absorbs into damp skin best, but can also be used on dry skin. I added scents of sweet orange, cedar, and CBD terpenes to create a sensory experience upon application that appeals to all humans, but quickly fades to be layered with other scents. The application of the oil can be a ritual in itself, providing a sensual pause, self-love, after a day of self-care, reflection, and joy, basking in The Green Life. 


This blog contains the author's opinions and personal views and is not to be considered as “expert” advice or opinion. Any claims, opinions, or personal views contained in this blog are those of the author solely and not those of Treadwell Farms. 


Mandy Harlan headshot with trees in the backgroun

Mandy Harlan, born and raised in Florida, entered the cannabis space as a patient first. She attempted to heal herself of Crohn’s disease by learning more and more about the plant through research, published courses & personal experimentation. When doctors said test results showed her disease was in full remission, coupled with new knowledge, any lingering biases or stigmas dissolved.  She quickly realized no one has to suffer when there are medicines provided by nature that are safe, effective alternatives to questionable pharmaceuticals. It became Mandy’s mission to teach others how this plant could help them too.

In 2019, she started Florida Marijuana Mentor, an online education platform and patient coaching business. Through this, she established a working relationship with dispensaries and was brought in-house by several brands such as One Plant, Cresco Labs, and Sunburn Cannabis to manage their community education and outreach program.

Now, Mandy has set out on her own to assist the cannabis industry & patients in a greater, more widespread capacity.  She is building The Green Life brand, which will include a fully vetted, personally created, and curated product line to make accessibility & discernment even easier for public consumption.  She has also just launched The Voyagers, an experiential marketing company focusing on cannabis and psychedelic brands. Combining her cannabis and plant medicine knowledge with her previous event and marketing experience, she hopes to continue to normalize alternative, plant-based medicines in a fun, approachable and educational way. 

In her free time, she loves being surrounded by friends, dogs, and nature (particularly the beach). Follow Mandy on her website at, or on Instagram at @flmarijuanamentor.

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