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CBD and Sleep: What You Need To Know

CBD and Sleep: What You Need To Know

*Yawn* Nothing beats the first stretch of the morning before you get out of bed. You know the one that causes your whole body to shake to life. If you’ve had a restful sleep, this is when you will know. But for many, restless is the word that best describes their time under the covers. 

Since March is National Sleep Awareness Month, now is as good a time as any to discuss ways to help you rest and sleep.

Schedule Your Sleep Time

We tend to slot our daily activities like appointments. Why not do that with your sleep? For example, the average adult aged 18 and older needs no less than seven hours of sleep per night. If you start to schedule your bedtime, you have a better chance of getting a solid night’s sleep.

Create A Restful Routine Long Before Bedtime

Did you know that you can mentally and physically prepare yourself for sleep earlier in the day? Here’s how to do that:

Change when you exercise. 
Exercise is a good thing. Just don’t do it too close to bedtime or you will have difficulty falling asleep. Pump the iron in the morning or afternoon instead.
Watch what you eat.
Foods high in sugar or caffeine should be planned for earlier in your day. Even though you can induce that sleepy feeling with high-carb meals containing high glycemic indexes, in just a few hours they disrupt your sleep by nudging you awake frequently which reduces deep sleep opportunities. Nobody likes that.

Dim the light exposure. 

This means your phone, as well! Studies show that the bright lights of computers and handheld devices can limit how much melatonin is released in your body at night. Do you know how you just start feeling wiped out in the evenings? That’s the melatonin telling you it’s time to rest and think about sleep. Too much light exposure can give you something called neurophysiologic arousal. This causes you to feel wired when you should be winding down for the night. 

Don’t use the snooze (button). 

How often have you hit the snooze button this past week? One survey says that over one-third of us will opt for the snooze button three times before finally getting up. Over half of the adults in their twenties and early thirties say they use the snooze button every morning. Don’t do that! It messes up your sleep cycle which will make you feel even more tired. Sound familiar? The reason for this is that you are often in a REM cycle (translation: deep sleep, which is a good thing) when the snooze alarm yanks you out of it violently. A rattled REM cycle confuses your body over when it should or should not sleep and you end up putting salt in your coffee by accident.

Add CBD to your winding down routine.

You probably saw this one coming, but it is something worth considering. For example, you can take some 1200mg Evening Blend CBD Hemp Extract roughly half an hour or so before your scheduled (you did schedule it, right?) bedtime. If you struggle to stay asleep, then take the CBD extract just before you go to bed. That being said, if one of the things that keep waking you at night happens to be joint pain, you can apply the RESTORE CBD Hemp Roll-On, which also has the lavender scent to help you ease into an evening of rest and relaxation. Or you can just use the roll-on for its calming aromatherapy effects! 

We all need adequate sleep. 

It ensures that we are functioning properly both physically and mentally during the day. However, sleep doesn’t always sit at the top of our priority list as the evening arrives. Plus, we tend to do things that sabotage our sleep and wonder why we feel so sluggish the next day. 

Fortunately, there are ways to ease your body and mind into a relaxed state that helps induce a good night’s sleep. Setting a sleep schedule, using a routine daily to prepare for sleep, not using the snooze button, and adding CBD to your evening can all help you to get a restful, deep sleep. When you sleep well, you are more productive. Now doesn't that sound like a dream?


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