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Skin Therapy Kit

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The ultimate self-care kit - this collection includes everything you need to care for your skin - from the outside in!

This kit contains:

Renew CBD Hemp Body  Oil: All over care – here, there and everywhere. Our multi-use body oil provides infinite options to support your whole body; no wonder it’s an all-around favorite with massage therapists and chiropractors. It’s easy to apply and has a multitude of uses: from after-shower hydration, to use as a massage oil, spot treatment on tight/sore muscles, or even on dry/irritated skin - our body oil rehydrates, renews, and more.  - .26 pounds

Warming Blend CBD Hemp Salve: Putting the power of CBD right in your handsWorking from the outside in, our Warming Blend salve is formulated to support your body in encouraging movement - soothing inflammation in areas like stiff muscles and joints. Try this blend to soothe joint stiffness pre-workout , and sore muscles after a work-out.

Relief Roll-On: Roll away the day's aches and pains. RELIEF soothes and energizes at the same time – that’s how we roll. Whether you use it for its aromatherapy properties, or as a spot treatment for sore, achy, tired muscles and joints (or directly on your temples for headaches), this Roll-On's got you covered! - 39grams

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