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Treadwell Farms Holiday Gift Guide

Discover the best holiday gifts of 2023. Use this guide to help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list this Christmas.

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for your husband, a special gift for your wife, something meaningful for your family member or friend, or even a thoughtful gift for your co-worker...we've got you covered! 


The Person Who Needs to Relax

James’ go-to for flavor and relaxation is the Citrus-C CBD Gummies. It's his favorite because of the taste. He says “It tastes like creamsicles!”

CBD Gummies for Sleep
Warming Blend Salve for Pain Relief


The Person Who Needs Pain Relief

Margeaux’s favorite product is the Warming Blend CBD Salve. It's easy to apply and not messy. It's great if you slept wrong and your back or neck is sore. It also works great if you pull a muscle working out. It's perfect for significant others who wake up on the wrong side of the bed!



The Person Who Needs to Self-Care

Jammie uses the 600 mg Renew Hemp Body Oil in her daily self-care routine. It is so versatile and can be used at home, with a massage therapist, acupuncturist, or chiropractor. Jammie has found relief from chronic neck and back pain and ongoing management of joint pain from an autoimmune condition. This product is perfect for anyone experiencing daily pain and needing to take some time to slow down and care for themselves.

CBD Roll-On for Migraines


The Person Who Needs A Boost & More

Kelley’s go-to product is the RELIEF Roll-On. It does SO MANY THINGS. If she needs a little energy boost, she rolls it on her wrists and back of neck. If she feels a migraine coming on she rolls it on her temples and forehead. When she’s feeling pain or discomfort in her lower back or neck she rolls it right on those specific areas. If you are looking for a multipurpose CBD gift that also comes in a convenient pocket-size, this is it!



The Person Who Sits At A Desk All Day

Clara’s favorite product is the Cooling Mint Hemp Salve. Since her job requires sitting at a computer for extended periods of time, there are days when she experiences tension/pain in her neck and lower back. Massaging the Cooling Mint Salve into these specific pain points helps provide an immense amount of relief. And the Rosemary and Peppermint scent is wonderful on its own!

CBD Extract for Joint Pain


The Person With Joint Pain

Sharon’s go-to product is the Everyday Essential CBD Extract. She takes it throughout the day whenever she has joint pain. It has even helped with healing and pain after a recent surgery. This is the most versatile gift for that person on your list who’s always talking about aches and pains.



The Person With Dry, Damaged Skin

The CBD Hydro Lotion is “the best lotion on the market,” according to Glen! After years of sun exposure, his skin is dry and damaged. He says nothing has helped his skin heal like this lotion does. This is a perfect gift for anyone who’s skin needs some TLC.

CBD Extract for Active Living


The Person With an Active Lifestyle

Dr. G uses the Citrus Spice CBD Extract every day to help maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. It helps him recover quicker from any inflammation and soreness, getting back to doing what he loves. It’s a great gift for those in your life (including yourself) either living, or trying to live a more active lifestyle.



The Person With Trouble Sleeping

Natalie’s favorite product is the RESTORE Roll-On. She rolls it on her wrists and temples to help her fall asleep. It is perfect for anyone you know who doesn't get enough quality sleep. Maybe it's your wife who has a never-ending to-do list, your best friend who is always complaining about not sleeping enough, or your grandparent who can't sleep anymore at night.


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