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Workout Relief Kit

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Let’s get moving! This kit will have you ready to move -whether you’re making a meal for the whole family, or getting a workout in at the gym - your body will feel less sore and achy and be ready to WORK!


This kit contains:

CBDA Spearmint Hemp Extract:  This extract packs a powerful punch! More powerful than just CBD on its own, and yet with the least amount of THC out of all our extracts (so low that it is not detectable on lab tests!) 

CBDA is great if you are looking for some extra support for Nausea, Depression, Sleep, Emotions, Inflammation, Appetite, Digestion, Motor Skills

And our CBDA has a little spearmint to boost all the right things! But spearmint isn’t just a minty flavor - it also may support digestion and has even been known to be a mood booster. You can read more about CBDA  HERE.

Cooling Mint CBD Hemp Salve: Putting the power of CBD right in your hands.  - 3.2oz

Working from the outside in, our Cooling Mint salve is formulated to support your body to soothe inflammation in areas like swollen muscles and joints - as well as cool and soothe dry, itchy skin around areas like knuckles, knees, and elbows. 

CLICK HERE for a complete library of test results.

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