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Sleep Routine Kit

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If a good night’s rest is at the top of your list - look no further! This kit has the CBD products your body needs to help you get some zzzzz’s.

This kit contains:

Evening Blend CBD Hemp Extract: This blend of pure organic CBD Hemp Extract, Sunflower Lecithin, and Organic MCT Oil (Coconut Oil) promotes relaxation, encourages a restful sleep, and boasts bountiful botanicals (herbs) blended by us. Is that a hint of a tint? Why, yes, it certainly is! Green to be exact. Our Evening Blend has taken on a green hue due to the botanicals we’ve added. Who knew? Now you do.

Because this product encourages a restful sleep, make sure and take it only when you are ready to sleep.

Restore Roll-On: Keep calm and roll on. RESTORE supports your body in feeling relaxed as well as promoting healthy skin. Our Roll-Ons are multipurpose! Whether you roll this on your wrists, the bottom of your feet, or behind your ears for its aromatherapy properties to help relax your mind - and body. Use before bedtime, or as a CBD spot treatment for sore, achy, or stiff muscles/joints, this Evening Blend-inspired roller will leave you saying “ahhhhhhh.”

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