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FLORIDA-Grown CBG Pre-Rolls

FLORIDA-Grown CBG Pre-Rolls

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2 Pre-Rolls (0.5 grams each)
14 Pre-Rolls (0.5 grams each)

We Know it, because we Grow it!

What does that mean? Easy - Treadwell Farms proudly provides premium organically grown hemp for all Florida Hemp Farm products!

Florida CBG Flavor Profile: Florida CBG Flavor Profile: Peppery, clove-like "hops" flavor notes. Medium-bodied smoke, good expansion with a relaxing but focused effect.

Care for our Premium Hemp Flower starts in the fields. From seed to root, plant to product, we oversee the growing process with care - starting in the field all the way to carefully hand-rolling our local "Fresh from Florida" grown hemp flower into 0.5 gram pre-rolls to protect the freshness of the flower without crushing any of the goodness.

What we say is in the pre-roll is truly in the pre-roll.

Our artisanal Premium Organically Grown Hemp Pre-Rolls start with slow-dried and cured flower. Why does this matter to you? Because all the “good stuff” stays with the flower - And what is the “good stuff” you ask? The good stuff is what we call all the compounds including cannabinoids and terpenes that were in the living plant, and that have now made it into your final product.

From there we grind our flower, separating any stray stems, and then one of our hemp artisans carefully packs and hand-rolls each one into high-quality Raw rolling papers. This ensures a clean experience with a smooth mouthfeel. Your pre-rolls will arrive in carefully chosen packaging which keeps them fresh and ensures your pre-rolls make it to you just how we rolled them.

CLICK HERE for a complete library of test results and a certificate of analysis.

For larger quantities please CLICK HERE to email us. 

All sales are final on this product. It can not be returned or exchanged.

Why pre-rolls? Pre-rolled hemp joints may be the right for you if you are an occasional hemp smoker and prefer an easier alternative to buying CBD bud. Looking for loose flower to make your own smokables, or to use for cooking? Contact us via email or phone to request other options.

Want to see what else we do with our slow dry and cured flower? Check out or CBD Oils and extracts, CBD topicals, and CBD edibles.

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